About Us


When Thor, the God of Thunder, smote the terrible frost giant Geirröd, he fashioned a mask of bones to protect his face from the blistering Norse cold. That mask was passed down to his son Magni, who...

...You know what? That's probably going too far back. Let's move it up to a couple years ago.

SkiBonez was started by a small group of friends and family who love to ski. Now, when I say "love to ski," I mean that our CEO proposed to his wife on the slopes. So yeah... the passion runs deep.

The idea behind the company was a simple one: While our coats, boots, and gloves keep getting better, we've kept using basically the same ski masks for over 160 years. (Seriously! The balaclava was invented in 1854 to keep British troops' faces from freezing off during the Crimean War. If that ever comes up during pub trivia, you owe us.)

We started SkiBonez because we like to think outside the box, because we like to surprise people, and because we like making something original out of something familiar.

We hope you'll try and love the SkiBonez Mask as much as we do.